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PS2 [Tutorial] - prebacivanje OF na PS2
« poslato: 12. januar 2008, 17:22:12 »
Using Max Drive

1. Download the file.

2. Plug the Max Drive in to the PC.
3. Right click on Option File and send to Max Drive.

4. Plug max drive into USB port on PS2.
5. Load up Max Drive software for PS2.
6. Uncrush the Option File to memory card.

Using Bin/Cue

Instructions on how to convert .max file to bin/cue format.

Credit to Bunford.

ATTENTION: This method will only work if you have a modded/chipped PS2 or using SwapMagic.

1. Download the Bin/Cue files.
2. Burn the Bin/Cue files using softwares like ImgBurn, Alcohol 120% or Nero.
3. If you have a chipped PS2 just pop in the CD, if you use Swap Magic load up using the CD version.
4. When the CD loads it will automatically go into PS2Menu
5. Here press and a menu will appear on the top right
6. Choose "cdfs" in this menu to open up the contents of the CD
7. Find the NPO file for PES2008 on the CD.
8. Once found, press on your controller and the software will automatically copy the option file onto your memory card.

In some instances, it doesn't copy fully and may leave corrupt files on your memory card. This does not damage the memory card in any way. Just make sure it has copied correctly check your memory card via the "browser", i.e. when there's no disc in the PS2 to see if the option file is there. If there is also a corrupt file just delete it. A full option file will usually be between 1.1mb and 1.4mb.

If there is no option file and only corrupted data blocks, delete these and follow the process again until it has copied over correctly.