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« poslato: 16. septembar 2017, 21:31:51 »
Big Combined Patch from The /r/WEPES Option File Repo thread
All Team names, emblems, strips, competitions, Premier League, EFL Championship, Serie A, Serie B, La Liga, La Liga 2, Bundesliga and more.
Combined lots of option files together and put them all in order, deleted and corrected lots of errors so we now have one big working patch now.
As this is a community patch any trusted person can update it and re-upload with new updated content when available.
To install just load the data file when in game, no need to import anything.
Don't add the settings.dat file (that's just my pc settings)
This is the PC version Above.

[/HR]Above is for PC users

This one is for PS4 users but will require a bit of editing on your end.

Megapack For PS4 users (slightly different).
its not as simple as the PC version where all you need to do is load the data file.
This version will require a little editing until someone helps imports everything then shares the ps4 save folder (if its possible) we have this for the moment
Its lots of option files ordered together like the pc version but on this one you will need to import the competitions then teams after. And a few other things but if people can help out the guys who don't know what they're doing then would be helpful.

[/HR]I'm not going to reply or do any support as I'm too busy at the moment so I'm just leaving this here to share with everyone of what I have combined together.

It works 100%

Mod can take over this thread edit/rearrange it or whatever or take over the project.
Im too busy to do any more modding this was just for personal use.


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Re: MegaPackProEvo2018
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A jer ce raditi patch za online ??
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