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We9le eur0 2016
« poslato: 29. jun 2016, 18:49:31 »
Here is a EURO 2016 patch for WE9LE.
I found some inspiration for making this patch because of great Kingsley's work with WE9LE.exe which makes it possible to add some great new features for this great game.

Now,this is only EURO 2016 update of this game so play this patch only with EURO 2016 teams, cause i just don't have time to update whole patch with club teams.
It is having new crowd,lot of faces,hair and dayfine/nightfine HD stadiums from EURO 2016. Few euro stadiums are missing but i will add them when creators release them.
I 've uploaded we9lek.exe with really low zoom(450), cause i like to play it that way, so if zoom is to low for you,use we9lecamera zoom to fit the zoom how you like it.

1.Installer of patch as a separate game(BIG THANKS TO SANY023):

2.Manual way of installation:

>>First of all,make backup of your option file,exe,DAT folder and kitserver<<

This patch is having it's own DAT folder with 0_sound,k_sound,_0text etc. so make backup of your DAT folder in game 's root directory.
Then extract everything inside KITSERVER/DAT folder to yours dat folder inside kitserver root directory
Then extract all files inside KITSERVER/GDB folder and place it to yours kitserver GDB folder(faces,hair,balls,stadiums,etc).
Then extract we9lek.exe and place it to your game's root directory
then place option file to MyDocuments/KONAMI...

Download Links:

1.Faces,hair and boots are here:!pB0Q3RaR!S19p_JHD8WKTveZxjNVyrQ

2.All other stuff is here:!EIIlxACZ!VhOlaSq4FheITzvStnP59w

BANNERS UPDATED: On upper link (link no. 2) you will find file called Banners.rar.
Extract it and copy all files to kitserver/dat/0_text.afs. Overwrite when asked....

FIXES: After upload i realized there were some errors, so here are fixes:

IMPORTANT:   when you download all files please delete two files with .opd extension which
are located in kitserver/dat/0_text.afs folder. I forgot to delete them before upload

Iceland kits fix:
Download these kits and put them to kitserver\GDB\uni\National\Europe A


Server for online play and instructions here:

There is one interesting thing that you people can also try...
There is kitserver here:!EIIlxACZ!VhOlaSq4FheITzvStnP59w

When u use that kitserver,you can use lodcfg.exe inside that kitserver or just copy that lodcfg.exe over yours lodcfg.exe and set aspect ratio manual instead of automatic and set it to 1.00000.

For me this is making game camera even more intersting...I m using it that way...


Few screenshots:

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Odg: We9le eur0 2016
« Odgovor #1 poslato: 6. jul 2016, 01:07:13 »
Svaka čast majstore, pokidao kao i uvek :)

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