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Download v1.2: Zippyshare | Mega
Platform: PC
Credits: Master @zlac for the decrypter

- Compatible with patch 1.01.01, 1.01.02 and 1.02.00

v1. 1
- Rewrited code (All bugs fixed & general improvements).
- Transfer Budget and Salary Budget max value increased.
- Added option to mod followers (Press F).
- Compatible with patch 1.01.01 and 1.01.02 (Choose version by clicking on top PES 2020 image).
- Updated gui design.

v1. 0
- Initial Release

After two or three years without time due to work and taking care of a sick family member i'm back.

- Open the tool
- Click open file
- Choose ML0000000 file in save folder (documents/konami...)
- Mod what you want
- Press F to mod followers (When followers window appear you can change the value and close it)
- Click apply
- Click save
- You ready to go

Release Notes:
Since the Salary Budget is Available Salary+Players Salary (Year/Month)
In order to see the real Salary Budget you will get you need to go to:
Master League => Manager’s Office => Finance => Club Account Balance => and check the value of “Player Salaries”

In my case my players salary are 40261400€

In my tool i've inserted 9999999900€
So 9999999900€ - 40261400€ = 9959738500€
In game i will have available 9959738500€

- Check the tool compatibility in "About" menu.
(To enter in "About" menu just click in PES 2020 logo on top of the tool.)
- Press F to mod followers.
- Press F1 to check how many times you've modded ML money.
- Press F10 to reset settings.

Ads and Donations:
This year i've added some ads in tool for you can support my work but you still have an option to disable it just for not upset you
I've also added my REVOLUT card details for you can donate what you want.
*Remember donate 0.5$ dont make you poor but to me gives me strength to continue.

Attention i ask to all sites that publish my tool to when a new version is out please put the image preview and the full description. I saw several sites placing the link from v1.1 with preview image of version 1.0 which leads people to not understand how the salary works due to the values explanation. Also thank you to post the tool keeping my urls.
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